Opinion cosmetic products ÜNT

¡Hola Belleza !!
Today I wanted to give you my opinion about cosmetic products of the brand UNT . This brand is an expert in skin care in more than 97 countries.

What do they say about the UNT brand?

UNT is a trademark of cosmetic from Taiwan that is characterized by its use of bioactive compounds originating exclusively in world-class pharmaceutical plants in France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the USA.

This has allowed to introduce innovative molecular solutions in their formulas that point to a wide spectrum of skin problems. In addition, direct online sales take away from expensive prices and commissions, making UNT products affordable for everyone.
Specifically, all UNT products share the following distinctive attributes:
- Small molecular weight
- Easy absorption
- Lightness, low fat content
- High concentration of active ingredients
- Hypoallergenic
- Synchronized with the international development of new materialsIn recent years, UNT has gained popularity and became the best option of cleaning, hydration, depigmentation, firmness, and anti-aging for many users around the world.

Something that has caught my attention is how well packaged they send the packages, it is impossible to break them.

Opinion UV SHEER Body Sunscreen Refre Unt scante:

At the beginning when the sun comes as I am so white nuclear use protective +50, but now that I'm getting "something" brown and my skin is already more I've been down to sunscreen UNT 30 .

It's a sunscreen that softens the skin instantly, it's oil-free, it's matte, meaning you do not have the oily skin.

This soothing and soothing body sunscreen with high protection spectrum, shields the skin against sun damage, while preventing Burns. Presenting the Refreshing UV Protective Complex, soothes and softens the skin instantly relieving it even on the hottest days. It is ultra pure and light, oil-free and free of PABA. It provides instant freshness that allows you to enjoy the sun without the harmful effects of UV rays.

Its packaging is hard and rigid plastic, which prevents us from breaking and doing a job. Its smell is like mint.

It absorbs quickly, I notice the freshest skin and I have not burned (that's already a merit) but also tell you that I in the sun hard as much 1 hour and 15 minutes haha ​​if I have counted them, because I die of heat.
It has a price of 13.35 €
My opinion about the NAIL LACQUER - RUNWAY CLOSE-UP.

Do not tell me that these UNT enamels are not the same that I show you below, they are the numbers RU045, RU085 and RU090.
In a few days I write you an entry with the manicures that I have done with them so that you can see them well as they are but I already notice that they are a pass. With a layer of enamel is good but with two layers is that they are spectacular, are precise glazes, with a chubby brush that one-pass is painted all the nail.I also really like that they all come very well protected, wrapped each product in a bubble envelope and something very important is that they have the costs of free shipping .

What do you think about the products of Cosmetic ÜNT ? Have you tried nail polish or sunscreen? Kisses