CRAZY FACTORY, cheap jewelry

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about crazy-factory a low cost shopping website for piercing , temporary tattoos, rings, bracelets, necklaces, bananas, balls ... at very low prices and with free shipping costs from 20 euros of purchase for everyone.
I show you my order mostly of cheap jewelry so you can see that what I say is really, that for very little money you can get many things.
Lip tattoos: I wanted to try them some time ago when they arrived for me they surprised me how great they are! then when I have opened them I have realized that they are to cut, I will show them when I use them, their price 0.49 €

Two bracelets from Crazy factory . The blue one has a price of 0.98 € and the brown one of 1.05 €. These bracelets are not of good quality, they are like that to go to the beach in the summer and little else I do not think they last long, but they give the solution.

Pendant butterfly , do not tell me it's not cute I loved it when I saw it. When you wear this pendant, the butterfly is on its side and looks beautiful. Its price is 6.18 €

Bracelet Crystal-Balls Bracelet; had a long time behind of one of these but the prices that I have seen out there seemed excessive, in the end I decided on this turquoise bracelet. Although there were many colors and all very beautiful. Its price is 9.20 €. This bracelet if it looks good enough and of great quality.
Drop earrings , there are different sizes and colors of its prices they are 0.80 € roses and 0.98 € blue. They are very nice posts.
And these other pending do not tell me they are not cute! Those of the cards have a price of 1.40 € and the earrings of clover 3.60 €.

Others with dice but in a different way, its price 1.75 €

And finally these pending they have a blue that I love for 2.75 € (I think, because the bill comes in English and understands rather little)

As you can see in Crazy Factory you can find cheap costume jewelery for all the taste, I recommend you visit their website. Especially for people who have piercing , since you will find them at prices much lower than those that are usually seen.

What has you similar to the web crazy factory ? Do you like low cost shopping ?