Finished products July

Hello Beauty !
Today I come with an entry for Low cost finished products . This last month I have managed to finish several cosmetics, although the truth is that I find it hard to finish them.

Body milk gel the toja.

I made an entry to this gel with my detailed and complete opinion here.
My opinion: As I told you in the entry that I have put you previously I love it because as I get lazy to throw myself cream, this is a good option. The skin is hydrated and soft with minimal effort.
I would buy it again: if
Where to buy: in any supermarket.

Cream shiseido

This cream was sent to me from the shiseido club to comment on the forum, many of you sure you have it too. You are commenting and adding a thing called camellias, each X Camellias are sending you a free product.

My opinion about the shiseido cream: at that you have some wrinkles will probably come in handy, but I have no wrinkles or anything because I have not noticed anything at all. For me it's good because it hydrates what I need. It is true that I like this cream, but it is also true that I would not pay the price for which they sell it, which is usually around 50 euros. There are low cost creams that do the same and save us a good euro.
I would buy it again: no

White enamel deliplus.

I think I bought it because it was on offer 1 €.

My opinion: this is not polish I have not finished it but it has dried up, between small that is the container and that dries very soon, any other brand comes better than this.
I would buy it again: no.
Where to buy: in mercadona.

Cacao de apivita.

I did not buy it but it came in the beauty club box.

My opinion: is one of the best lip balm I've ever tried, it hydrates a lot and also gives a touch of very beautiful color to the lips. The good thing is that its price of € 4 does not seem at all expensive, for how good it is.
I would buy it again: Sii

Dentifricum elgydium bleaching.

This is a sample that surely many of you would also receive .

My opinion: I wanted to see if it was bleached or not, but since it is so small, it was neither given time to check it, my teeth remain the same.
I would buy it again: Yes, because I want to test if it really bleaching.

Maybelline Mousse 32 Golden Golden.

My opinion: is what I use all year round in winter the 30th natural and in summer this, the skin is without imperfections and hardly notice the makeup. Its price is about € 6
I would buy it again: if I already have 2 more.
Where to buy: in Mercadona.

Have you tried any feminine cosmetic products ? Kisses