How to place the enamels

Hello Beauty !!
Some of you asked me how to apply the enamels , well I teach it ... if anyone has a better idea to tell me why I do not end up convincing me either.
I have them in a closet drawer.
In one of the boxes of beauty club I have the enamels placed by marks.
In another of the boxes I have the enamels that less use, the hardeners, the fast drying droplets and the practical mercadona nail polish removers.

In another I have the nail art brushes and punches, the stamping plates and some stickers for the nails that I have not used yet, I will tell you how they are !

In this little box that is of primark enamels, surely more than one you will have, I have put some pots with decoration things.

And finally in this other I have some espo njas and another nail polish remover !!

And you like you put the nail polishes ? Kisses