Hello Beauty !!
Today we are going with a round of feminine cosmetic products strong> that by the visits I have realized that this type of tickets are those that more like, probably because the opinion is not the same when a cosmetic begins when it begins that when it is finished. Today's opinions are all from Low cost finished products

Nail gloss of the Carla Rovelli brand, these enamels of nails meet the 3 B, good, beautiful and cheap.

Price 1 €
My opinion: is a shine of nails quite good especially in terms of quality/price.
I would buy it again: yes, although later on I now have a few and until I spend them I do not want to buy new nail polish.
Where to buy: I buy it from Ayala supermarkets, although I think there is only one in Extremadura.
ANTIAGEING PEARL: It is a hydrating facial fluid that smoothes, hydrates in depth, offers an immediate luminosity and delays the aging of cells.

Size: 50 ml
My opinion: I like it because it absorbs quickly smells good and my skin is hydrated. You can see my more detailed opinion in Mun cosmetics and raffle.
I would buy it again: yes, but when I finish all the creams I have.
Where to buy: on the mumcosmetics website.
Spanish institute cream with aloe vera.
Price: I remember that about 3 euros
Size: 500 ml
My opinion: I love it is one of the best body creams I've tried.
I'd go back to buy it: Yes, I already have other
Where to buy: in any supermarket or department store.

Cancellulite - Cream for anti-cellulite massage * with Horse-chestnut and Holm Oak

Price: 9.99 €
Size: 250 ml
My opinion: It is one of the best anti-cellulite creams I've tried. My skin is much better besides that I have noticed that I have reduced my thighs a bit.
I would buy it again: Of course, I am waiting for another one of green bottega to wear return to place an order.
Where to buy: in bottega green stores or online web, I remind you that if you buy beruby you will be much cheaper, in particular you save 8.50 € for each purchase of 20 euros.

Eternelle pharma: Anti-stretch mark treatment.

Size: 50 ml
Price; 9.95 €
My opinion: promises to reduce stretch marks and leaves skin firm and supple. But I have not noticed anything at all.
I would go back to buy it: no.
Where to buy: this is not I have no idea why it came in the beauty club box.
Herbal conk mask: mask for black spots in pods.
Price: They came in a pack of 3 that I already teach you and I remember that about 2 euros or mens.
My personal opinion: I already teach you in an entry in My opinion about Herbal conk mask that if it cleaned the pores, but does not finish them off, they are good but I will continue testing.
I would buy it again: no, for now I prefer to try others.
Where to buy: on ebay there are thousands of sellers who sell them.
Have you tried any of these low products? cost of female cosmetics? kisses