Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to tell you about corses - is an online store I have known very little with more than 20,000 corsets with a wide variety of prices now you can find them from only 17 euros, if you are looking for a corset this is your ideal place.
They have many styles of corsets with different designs and sizes.
Now they have a promotion in which if you buy one you get one for FREE! !
The one I picked up is this:
It's also the same but in blue and you do not know what it cost me to decide for one of the two.
I show you how the corse is on the web corses-es :

As you can see It looks very nice and sexy, I think it looks much better with jeans and any shoe because it also stylizes. Also, if you have those fearsome cartridge belts with this type of garments, they disguise very well.

The inconvenience that I find in this type of garment is that they cut the air a little bit, so I recommend that those that do not You are used to it, do not squeeze it too much.

From here I want to thank Lorena, because she had a good hand with the sizes and she always helped me and got it right.

Do you like this outfit ? Do you use corsets ? Kisses