Pet secret June

Hello girls!
Today I show you the pet secret box of the month of June . Let's see what this box for dogs has to offer:
LUPO NATURAL Artisan and complete food for dogs with natural vitamins from the Sea. Swiss Chickens. With steamed potatoes. Arctic sea fish. And herbs from the Alps. With the guarantee of cold processing.
Dry and whole pork ears , take care of your dog's gums and teeth. A healthy entertainment for your pet.
Pork ears are especially easy to digest. The high proportion of cartilage they contain strengthens the muscles of your dog's jaw and cleans teeth.
KONG - SQUEAKAIR La Kong AirDog Squeakair Ball combines two classic toys for dogs - the tennis ball and the squeaker - to create the perfect search and pick-up toy.
DOG'S NATURE - BOUFY'S The Boufy Sticks are a healthy and tasty snack of beef.

There are also some brochures with discounts:

And cookies, missing the half because xandy could not resist !!

And I show you a picture of my bodyguard every time I take pictures, she supervises them haha.

The subscription of this box is only 10 euros and there are many offers:
Pet secret makes both boxes for dogs and cats, what do you think? this monthly box? Kisses