Ranking on the best waxes for hair removal at home

Hello girls!
Now that the summer arrives we all get into the hurry to shave! I use the machine all year round but in summer I always use wax because I think the hairs take longer to leave or it is my imagination I do not know hehe.
If you do not know what wax to use here I leave my ranking of methods of waxing.

The best waxes to wax at home:

I always use taky waxes (without bands) the one I like the most is the divine wax its price is about 9 euros and it's very good. It hurts like all of us so that we're going to cheat but it comes out with a single tug and it smells good.
Cera veet , this round the € 8 depending on where the buy is good also removes the hairs in one pull but I have a problem with it and it is that I smell like chorizo! ! yes yes you will tell me crazy but that smell in a wax I can not stand it!

And this last one is from mercadona I think I remember that it cost me 2 - 3 euros , I bought it because there was not the first one and I said let's try ERROR is bad, it's cheap but if you throw it and it breaks ... it does not make me Puta grace to pass the pain twice.

And what about waxing method do you use ? What wax do you like the most? Kisses