My opinion about the Regina Floris Exfoliating Body Lotion from the Beauty Factory

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted data my opinion on the products of the brand The factory of beauty , which is a young company that aims to offer selected products from catalogs of Bulgarian companies.

What do you say about the Beauty Factory?

" The Beauty Factory " is a new and inspiring project of Global Beauty. After the sale of natural cosmetics , there is the illusion and development of offering a service that encompasses beauty in its entirety, interior and exterior.

Arises from the enthusiasm of sharing cosmetic products at almost factory prices without having to add the intermediaries and advertising that make the product more expensive foolishly to finally reach the last consumer.

From the beauty factory I am using a Regina Floris Exfoliating Body Lotion .

My opinion about the Regina Floris Exfoliating Body Lotion:

This Regina Floris Exfoliating Body Lotion natural cosmetics , is made from rose oil (Damascea) from Bulgaria.

The ultrafine microspheres of this delicate and invigorating lotion effectively exfoliate the skin by cleansing and eliminating it the dead cells, which hinder respiration and the physiological processes of the epidermis. The presence of 100% pure Bulgarian Rose Oil, together with its natural hydration components, tones, protects and increases the elasticity of the skin. This one acquires vitality and a silky appearance.

How is this lotion used in the beauty factory?

We have to massage on the skin and then rinse abundantly with water.

The texture is like the one you see in the image, it looks like a cream that when massaged becomes exfoliating.

This lotion leaves my skin clean, removes dead cells as it is also exfoliating and the skin is more toned.

Something I liked a lot is that DOES NOT CONTAIN PARABENES , synthetic dyes or components of animal origin, since I am not a supporter of any of these practices.

Its size is 230ml and its price of 10.16 €, in relation quality/is very good product that I recommend to all girls.

Have you tried the Regina Floris Exfoliating Body Lotion ? Did you know the beauty factory ? Do you like natural cosmetics ?