Backpack of childhood berries tuc tuc

Hello girls!
Today I am going to show you one of the last orders I have made this time has been to the web pitagorines . The order you made was a infacia berries tuc tuc backpack , which will be very practical for daycare, excursions or weekend getaways.
As you will imagine, this backpack is not for me, but for a little one that you will see now.
The price of the backpack berries tuc tuc is € 25 although right now it is on sale and you can find it for € 22.50 something that I really liked is that you can pay cash on delivery.

This the moms who do not like to buy online will be great.

And I leave some photos for you to see it better with the model Paola with her backpack, which is happier than a partridge.

What do you think of the tuc tuc backpacks ? , kisses